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1 What to do if the vehicle is stolen?  
     If a vehicle is stolen, the first step is to lodge the FIR / Police Report and get a copy of police report    for  lodging the insurance claim with the insurance company.
2. In what conditions / Situations Claim could be rejected / denied by the insurance company?
    Claim could be denied by the insurance companies in case the driving license of the driver driving the vehicle at the time of accident is non-genuine / fake.
3. What to do if a vehicle met with an accident outside the area / city / state from where policy is issued?
     If you know the toll free number of the Insurance Company intimate the occurrence accident to the insurance company and act on the advice of the company. If you don’t know the contact no. of insurance Company confirm It the insurance company is having any office at the place where accident took place. If there is local office of the company intimate the claim to the company. If some how you are unable to contact the insurance company or it the accident took place in odd hours / holiday arrange the photographs of vehicle on the spot of accident. If the loss is major (say more than INR 50,000/-) and there is third party damage / loss / Injury / death etc., lodge FIR / Police report immediately.